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What Makes Dehydration Different?

We admit it, dehydration is a little bit different from your average method of preserving food. But nobody said we had to follow the pack! (All our pet food diets from The Honest Kitchen are gently dehydrated).


Here’s a quick primer on how dehydration differs from cooking and freezing – so next time you have a friend who asks about this crazy food you’re making up as your pet anxiously drools upon the kitchen floor, you’ll have some answers ready!


Dehydration is a slow, gentle method of preserving food. it helps to keep many of the natural nutrients in the raw ingredients in tact. On the other hand, cooking denatures many of these nutrients including delicate enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, making for a less nutritious finished product).


Most of our raw ingredients are dehydrated below 104 degrees F and are therefore still considered raw. If you wish to incorporate raw meat or RMB’s you can do this without the need for extra supplements, since the calcium: phosphorus ratios are already balanced to allow for the addition.


The meats and eggs in our foods are dehydrated at a high enough temperature to kill any pathogenic bacteria that may be present, and the required temperature for this (about 165 degrees F) is essentially equivalent to cooking.


For dogs with compromised immune systems or other reasons for not consuming raw meats, the dehydration process that our food undergoes, makes the finished product completely safe compared with frozen raw foods that may not be recommended under such special circumstances.

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