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Goldendoodle — Age 3
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Meet Bernie 3 year old Goldendoodle with severe IBS. We were told he could never have commercial dog food again.
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Meet Bernie, he’s 3 yrs old Goldendoodle. I rescued him 2 yrs ago. He was a scrawny 70lbs and afraid of everything & everyone. He had severe diarrhea, drs said at first he’s nervous, new home etc. After thousands of dollars at vet and specialists, dr said Bernie will never be able to tolerate commercial dog food again. So for about 2 yrs I’ve made tilapia, sweet potatoes, greens beans and carrots. Got a Costco membership just for tilapia! One day while at Krisers when I refused a treat for him, I was told about Honest Kitchen, that it was human grade food. I said nope we’ve tried everything including all prescription food and he’s unable to tolerate anything except tilapia etc. She said look at the ingredients it’s limited, no chemicals or preservatives just real food. So I figured this was it, I’ll try this once but if it doesn’t work that’s it I’ll never try anything new again because the diarrhea is so bad he has to go on steroids etc. Well! To my surprise and believe me I’m surprised! we’ve been on it for 3 months and he’s fine! No diarrhea I honestly can’t believe it! I’m so glad I found this for Bernie. I was told he’d never tolerate dog food again. Hoping my story helps others!

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