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Australian Shepherd — Age 1
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When he was 4 months
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When we first got Gambit he had issues keeping food down. Vet put him on a rice chicken bland diet to help with it at first but when we slowly gave him kibble he started to loose hair and was not a happy playful puppy. At around 4 months I looked up all these healthier dog food alternatives and came across the Honest Kitchen. It has been great to my boy gambit he has a healthy coat and no problem keeping his food down. We started with the whole grain chicken dehydrated and vet said he also needed a pro biotic so we gave him goats milk. He needs a daily pill and I melt it in the milk and he’s none the wiser, I tried giving it to him plain but he spits it out. He inhales the milk everyday it’s his favorite. We now only buy honest kitchen for his food we’ve tried other dehydrated flavors and mix in the whole food clusters now. Now he’s a happy healthy one year.

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