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Corgi — Age 9
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This is Trinket! She's turning 10 years old this year, but still hearing "oh puppy!" when we're on walks.
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Trinket loves The Honest Kitchen!

I brought Trinket home when she was 8 weeks old. She loves to eat and she will eat anything. We continued to give her the kibble that the breeder was feeding. We then transitioned her to another brand of kibble. She had a reoccurring issues of loose stool, dry skin, allergies, biting her paws, and urinary issues. The problem with kibble is that it's very dry with no moisture content. Trinket never drinks water, which was a huge issue. At one point, she had struvite crystals in her urine. I was deeply concerned about the possibility of bladder stones. After years of struggling to find the right food, I discovered THK and never looked back. She's been on THK for 6 years now and has no issues. Her coat is smooth, soft, and fluffy. No more loose stools or urinary issues.

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