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Golden Retriever — Age 3
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Our Alyeska (our vegetarian) is thriving with Preference!
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Before Preference!
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Aly is THREE!!
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Aly's Selfie
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Relaxing in the sunshine
Alyeska came to us as a spunky 8 week old puppy - - but started to decline rapidly. Mitral Valve Dysplasia with SAM, extremely large liver shunt, high fevers caused brain damage and seizures. After a host of doctors, University of Florida Small Animal Hospital became our refuge. Because of Alyeska's multiple health problems, she can not tolerate animal protein. So vegetarian she is! After her liver surgery we were given a homemade recipe to make and feed to her three times a day - which included Tofu, rice, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, butter and vitamins/minerals. HOURS we spent making this mush that she REALLY didn't like!! We were spoon feeding it to her to get it down. Searching for a better alternative, we were thrilled to discover Preference Base Mix ! Our nutritionist at UF give it his blessing and requested we add scrambled eggs, butter, cottage and cheddar cheese --- and Alyeska is EAGER to eat her three meals a day - - ON HER OWN! NO SPOON FEEDING NECESSARY!!

THANKS Honest Kitchen!! We are delighted and thrilled to celebrate Alyeska's Third Birthday ! Here's to many more birthdays!

Merilee & Owen Kelley
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