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Shiba Inu — Age 9
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Asha is our 9 year old Shiba Inu who can convince any small human to share their table food with her. She has never been "small" for her breed. She seemed to tolerate her dry dog food over the years, yet her weight kept creeping up. Our vet sold us Purina OM for weight loss when Asha hit 38 pounds (it makes me cringe to actually type that she weighed this much) and we seriously restricted portions. She was so hungry and looked at her food bowl of Purina with disgust, perhaps because one of the main ingredients was soybean hulls... Even after months on this, we did not notice any change in her weight. Next, we began to suspect that our other Shiba had an allergy to the commercial dog food he was on and we tossed all kibble and just began cooking for them. We then started incorporating half portions of HK's Verve in with the homemade food and Asha started losing weight and our other Shiba started gaining back what he had lost. Asha is now 32 pounds, is more energetic and looks and acts younger. After all, she has shed 15% of her body weight and we couldn't be happier! We will never go back to commercially processed kibble or treats. It is abundantly clear that we won't have healthy dogs without feeding them healthy, real ingredients.

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