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French Bulldog — Age 3
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The was after Audree's first THK meal, begging for more!
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This photo shows Audree on day one of her journey with The Honest Kitchen.
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Here she is less than 1 month later!
I originally switched my dog's food to The Honest Kitchen after taking an interest in a more natural food product. After much research, I finally settled on THK and have never been more proud of a decision in my life! Audree has always had very itchy skin and has gone through all sorts of different foods. Her skin allergies were the main reason I knew I needed to find something better. Within days of switching to THK, I could tell a difference in her itching. She used to scratch so much that she would cause herself to bleed and she just looked miserable. Her belly is as clear as can be and she rarely has the urge to go into a scratching fest anymore! The biggest change however was a complete surprise and something I hadn't really even consider an issue before! Almost instantly I notice my dogs face.... her tear stains were disappearing and they were disappearing FAST! I have never seen my best friend look better, and we owe it all to The Honest Kitchen! Thank you for the relief you have given Audree and the relief you have given myself!!
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