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Poodle — Age 17
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Brandy Girl! Sexy and vibrant at 17!
For the past 17 years of Brandy's life I have always tried to be well-informed and make all the healthy choices for all 8 of my pets; three have passed. Brandy currently has her 2 brothers Blu, a grey blue Russian looking cat and Chewie, an apricot miniature poodle along with her 2 sisters Gypsy, a grey-stripe tabby and Storm, a long-haired sable brown-black fur with a white undercoat. Just over two months ago, I gradually switched them to your food. All five immediately went Bonkers and got hooked at the start. All five of them. Before I have you appreciate Brandy's story, I must say that Chewie and Blu have lost a couple pounds and are currently at a healthy weight, while all of my animals are lively and happy with a very healthy digestive system daily.

As for Brandy, she is 17 and even though she can't hear very well or see that well, she iss more energetic and has such a great appetite. She absolutely loves the Nuzzles treats and jumps for them after every walk. She still takes her cat naps as a senior dog usually does, but her energy has picked up so much. Currently, her Senior exam, along with her blood work came back normal. She was scheduled for surgery over 10 days ago to have a golf ball size mass removed from her leg. I strongly feel it was an injection that caused this mass, but nonetheless, her heart was strong and she woke up just fine after anesthesia. We are currently waiting for her stitches to discipate, so we can get her swimming and running the beach, so her heart can keep beating beyond 20! I thank Honest Kitchen food and myself for giving her that extra spunk!
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