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Chihuahua — Age 6
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Breesie has always been a very laid back dog. Every since we rescued him 4 yrs ago he's been a couch potato. We never thought anything of it since a lot of dogs especially chihuahuas are lap dogs. We fed him very expensive high quality kibble all his life, so his health was always good when we go to the vet. Recently I got the chance to try out THK Force and Zeal line. I can honestly say with a short amount of time (1 week) I noticed a big change in his energy level. He's more playful and active. As a pet owner you noticed small changes in your dog as soon as it happens. I'm so happy I found a product that works for him and is always good for him. I'm also glad that he can maintain his weight on this product. Now he can live his life full of excitement and play his little heart out.
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