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Britta Lou

Rottweiler — Age 2
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This is Britta or Britta Lou as I call her. She is working on finishing her 2nd year. When I first got Britta, her puppy coat was absolutely beautiful and healthy. As she continued to grow bigger, and started feeding her a cheaper but still "quality" kibble, her coat began to lose it luster. I also noticed that when it came to feeding time that she would no longer eat her food right away. Although I never noticed any health issues with her previous diet, she did start gaining weight (also part of her breed) but started losing energy as well.

When I took her to an annual vet check in January, I switch to a holistic vet, they noticed her coat looking ok and a little bit o the chubby side. I talked about at that time switching to a better diet without braking my bank account. I was given different options that included a raw diet, freeze dried food, dehydrated food and canned food. I was also given some samples of The Honest Kitchen at this time as well.

I started researching all the different products that I was recommended and conducted a cost analysis. Since she a 60lb baby, I had to take into count how much I would feed her of each product. That ruled out the raw diets, freeze dried, and canned food. I started feeding Britta the samples of The Honest Kitchen samples along side with her normal food. Everytime I would feed her, she would devour the Honest Kitchen food and lick the bowl completely clean before slowly eating the kibble. So, I took that as a clear message of what she liked. Within two weeks giving transitional feeding (moving from 100% kibble to 100% honest kitchen), I started noticing the benefits of this high quality food. She started having the energy she had as a puppy and her coat, as you can hopefully see, has never looked better.

Britta will now always be feed The Honest Kitchen because not only do you see results on a daily basis, but I believe that feeding her quality food is going to save me in the long run in vet bills. Feeding you pet a quality food will more than likely prevent more serious health bills and I am looking forward to the many years we are going to spend together. Thank you Honest Kitchen!

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