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Labrador Retriever — Age 9
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Needed to loose a few pounds...
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Summer boating - Charlie at 100 lbs
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Christmas 2014
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Southern Gulf Islands, BC
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Charlie October 2015 - 22 lbs later!!
Charlie is a typical lab - loves his food! But after 9 years, he was gaining weight, had developed a limp from arthritis and was starting to have problems with his anal glands. Walks were starting to be a long drawn out affair with him lagging behind us. We have always feed him top of the line dog food and he gets lots of exercise, but he seemed to be aging quickly, so we knew we had to try something else.

One of our friends also has a yellow lab who is thin and looks great. Granted he is an American breed, not English like Charlie with the stocky build, but at 102 lbs, it was clear we needed to get serious about his weight or risk loosing him early. I asked what type of food they were feeding their lab, and it was Honest Kitchen. My friend couldn't say enough about the food so we decided to try it.

We had a bit of a rocky start though, because while he seemed to like it, he stopped eating it a few weeks into the first box. Turns out he had a gastro infection, and that was one of the symptoms. Once we got that cleared up, he went back to Honest Kitchen and has been on it since. That was in June, and now 4 months later, we have a slimmer, healthier boy! Charlie has lost 22 pounds, no longer has a limp, has more energy, and the shedding is noticeably less while his coat looks amazing. And to top it off, his anal gland problem seems to have cleared up.

Because of Honest Kitchen, Charlie has gained years back. All of our friends who know and love him can't believe the difference in his energy level and appearance. Anyone with a dog wants to know what we are feeding him, and of course we gladly share our story.

I must say, it isn't cheap. My husband was having a hard time in the beginning with the price, but once he saw the results in Charlie, we both agree that it's worth the little extra. After all, if we hadn't changed to Honest Kitchen I am certain we would have spent far more in vet bills in the last 4 months and in the next few years due to his issues. But most importantly, we have a healthy dog who has got a better chance of living longer. I really believe this and can't recommend Honest Kitchen enough.

Thank you for making such a great product that has made a huge difference to Charlie's' quality of life!
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