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Dixie & Honey

Chihuahua — Age 10
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Dixie & Honey
Both of our Chihuahuas were eating dry dog food and by the time they were 7 years old, health problems arose. Dixie and Honey were having monthly seizures, low energy, dry itchy skin, and congested. Dixie's seizures went from monthly to daily with increased intensity. Honey was coughing daily and she had a lot of congestion and her skin was very dry and itchy.

We switched our girls to Honest Kitchen's Force first and then Embark, and within two weeks Dixie's seizures were decreasing in frequency and intensity. Now, at 10 years old neither one of our girls have seizures any more, they have completely subsided. Honey's congestion, coughing, and itchy skin has eased up significantly too. Both girls have more energy and act younger at age 10 than they did at age 7.

Honey is an extremely picky eater, she even turns her nose up at dog bones and treats. I started them on Force and as expected Honey turned her nose up at it. I put a little bit of real chicken in it and she ate it quickly. I continued to add a little something extra for about the first two weeks and then stopped. Now, she absolutely loves Force and Embark, and gets upset with me if I take to long to get her food to her. Wow, what a difference in my two girls, healthier and happier! Thank you Honest Kitchen!
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