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Shih Tzu — Age 8
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Dora the amazing Shih Tzu
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Dora came to me as a real life rescue story. She lived her life in a Amish puppy mill where she was breed. She developed Demodex mange and was no longer a breeding candidate when she was surrendered. Her feet were so swollen and ulcered from years on wire floor and she had bloody stools for the longest. Against our vets advice we decided to try to save Dora. Honest Kitchen has been a answered prayer. Dora had very few teeth and sore gums along with allergies, ulcers and demodex.
Dora was unable to even walk when we got her. Today she runs and plays and has a amazing clean bill of health. Her road to recovery was not easy but honest kitchen was there for her through it all. Now she demands her 7pm feeding along with our other three rescues.
I would love to share Dora's video of her the day we got her and her video 12 months later, This is remarkable product! Do not overlook it for a fancy foil bag.
Thank you for saving Dora....
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