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Other (dog) — Age 3
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Sorry, she refused to open her eyes XD
My cat Ella, is a former stray. She is roughly around 2-3 years and been fixed, and is super friendly. Ella has been given to us by a neighbour who was feeding her for the past 2 months. However, they barley fed her and thought 1/4 of a 3 oz can was enough! At that time, she was desprate enough to eat bread. Her coat was covered with bald spots, and she didn't really have too much energy, just sat there all day. My neighbor wanted to get rid of her, and give her to a shelter (that would've practically been a death sentence! She was black, and very, very shy. Did I mention no energy?). I asked them if I could keep her and they were very happy to give her to me. Now she is a affectionate, playful, purring machine. Oh and a meowing machine. And a silky fur machine.
We first didn't know too much and fed her low quality dry food, with good blue buffalo every day.
However, she simply stayed so bony her haunches were sticking out. Then a friend gave us a sample of THK and she's now fattened up to 14 pounds, and is still lean. Now, we're feeding her a staple diet of TFK with some raw chicken breast. We're very happy to now have a hyper, playful, affectionate, and healthy cat thanks to The Honest Kitchen!
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