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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — Age 5
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So happy to finally find my pets perfect food!
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My dog, Evie, has always been cursed with a sensitive tummy. I have tried every food out there and spent more hours than I care to admit researching that "perfect" ingredient list and have never been pleased with what I have found. Several years back, when there was a string of high quality dog foods being recalled, our older dog, Annabelle had been victim to one of the recalled foods. I trusted that the high dollar food I was giving her was the safest, most nutritious option out there. When she became lethargic and violently sick, I was devastated. I began making her food and have continued to do so for the past 7 years. When I got Evie, that food prep doubled. Then I heard about Honest Kitchen. I obviously spent a lot of time researching the product. Not just ingredients, but where it was sourced. I even emailed the company and got an immediate answer back from Liz, who has helped guide me along the way to the best product possible for my dogs. When I received the product, I was a bit concerned Evie would not eat it, due to it being completely different then what she has been used to. Boy was I wrong. She not only scarfed it down..she licked the bowl clean! Now I have Evie, Annabelle and will have their soon-to-be little sister, Minnie on it as well. No more stomach issues for Evie and less time in the kitchen for me! Thank you Honest Kitchen!
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