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Bichon — Age 6
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Fonzie looking dapper at a fundraising event for Coco's Heart Dog Rescue.
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Before. This was immediately after being cleaned up when he was rescued.
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After! Fonzie is a pawlanthropist. He donated two large Kongs for foster dogs.
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Fonzie climbing into my tote bag to tell me it's time for his dinner!
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This is what winter style looks like.

Fonzie was rescued in June 2013 from a horrible puppy mill auction in Missouri by a kind social worker named Linda who drove from Iowa to rescue as many dogs as she could to save them from such a terrible life. The auction was held to sell dogs for further breeding after one mill had no more use for the dog. Fonzie did not have a name, but only a number--63B. He was in very bad shape from lack of medical care, poor nutrition, and little human interaction. Fonzie had fused teeth that were black and rotten. His coat was stained brown from urine and feces, and he was very thin. Even with his notable lethargy, Linda said he still had his silly smile and sweetness. All the Bichons were lined up in cages and sold for up to 50$ but no one wanted him. The auctioneer asked his rescuer Linda, "lady, will you buy this dog for a penny?" because all the dogs that were left over would be abandoned and left to die from starvation or other horrible circumstances.

Linda took Fonzie and three other dogs back to Iowa and then sent to rescues nearby, but first they received baths and haircuts. Linda's husband said "Well, kids, you are in for some happy days from now on" so the dogs were named after characters on the tv show Happy Days. Obviously Fonzie was the coolest to get his name!

Fonzie headed up to the Twin Cities in Minnesota to Coco's Heart Dog Rescue, and he had all his teeth removed, and the doctors addressed some other vision and health issues. Fonzie went directly into a safe and warm foster home with his foster parent's puppy who taught Fonzie the ropes on how to be a dog living in a nice home. Fonzie slowly learned that he was no longer living in hell, and he found out what it meant to be clean, fed, safe, loved, and respected.

I found him at a time when I didn't think I would be ready for dog love after my beloved standard poodle Murphy unexpectedly went to the Rainbow Bridge only a month earlier. I fell in love with this toothless Bichon, and we bonded. Our favorite pet product store in Woodbury, MN is Pet Evolution and Rian, one of the owners highly recommended The Honest Kitchen. Fonzie needed better food after being on the canned food that he ate since being rescued from the auction. It was okay but not the greatest food, and my baby deserved the greatest options out there. Rian said The Honest Kitchen was the best. He said it would give Fonzie all he needed to be healthy, and it was perfect for his lack of teeth.

Fast forward six months later to February 2014 and Fonzie has gained six pounds, and his vet says he is the perfect size and weight. His health is in perfect condition, and his coat even got whiter and thicker rather quickly after eating The Honest Kitchen! I noticed he became more alert, and happier too! Fonzie struggles with separation anxiety, but we are working on it! He adores cats and dogs, and he is a social butterfly now. Fonzie loves all people and stops to say hello to everyone. He never had issues with digestion, and he still dances and cries for his food when I am preparing it. Fonzie LOVES The Honest Kitchen, and so do I! We started with Force and then settled into Embark to produce less poop. I love how we can mix and match foods and there is no issues with him getting used to the food like with other brands. Within the first two days of eating The Honest Kitchen, Fonzie stopped having soft and strangely colored poops to solid and healthy poops!! He has itchy skin, so I keep it grain free with The Honest Kitchen too. I love it because it is so easy to prepare and I TRUST The Honest Kitchen and staff to make the best food possible. I sing your praises constantly, and he will never eat anything but The Honest Kitchen. Thank you!!! Imagine this sweet boy going from years in a cage with little to no food to eating this fantastic food and living like a king. Thank you for having a part in making my little Fonzie such a happy boy!!

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