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English Springer Spaniel — Age 13
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Fussy the world's pickiest spaniel
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My cutie pie!
My Fussy has always been a picky eater right from the moment she was born. As she grew into an adult her food fussiness did get a little better and so it was not to hard to find a dog food she would eat.

Once she hit her senior years her finickiness has come back in spades. Not only do I have to content with her eating issues I also have to watch what I feed her because of her arthritis and the fatty tumors she has around her body.

Often times when I find a food Fussy likes she may only eat it for a weeks or a few months depending on her mood. At her age and state of health I can not just wait her out in the hopes that she will get hungry enough to what ever food I am trying to offer her. What I have been having to do is have multiple brands of dog food that I rotate so her taste buds do not get bored.

At the end of last year Fussy's arthritis had gotten so bad that in order for her to walk normally she has to use a wheelchair. When she walks without a wheelchair her back legs are hard to control causing her to cross her legs or fall down. She gets very stiff from laying down to long and it takes a while for her to get moving. She is on pain pills prescribed by the vet and on a supplement for pain that I found on the internet that has helped her tremendously.

Recently one of the online retailers that I buy some of my pet supplies from offered a deal on Honest Kitchen dog food. I have always wanted to give it a try for years now so when this offer came up I placed my order. When to food showed up I made Fussy a bowl (portioned to her needs) gave it to her and held my breath.

Much to my surprise and relief she began eating it without any of my assistance. I could tell by the way she ate the food that this was something she really liked! I am now adding this food into the dog food rotation and she loves it. On the days I am serving it Fussy can smell it coming and gets very excited.

I know I have not been serving this food long enough to tell for sure but I think her movement has improved a bit, she seems to have more control over her walking. I think once I go through all of my supply of Honest Kitchen dog food I will buy her some more!
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