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Vizsla — Age 14
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Super Vizsla!
As a veterinary technician, I understand the importance of nutrition. My 14 1/2 year old vizsla has been on many different high quality kibbles in her lifetime. Because she is hypothyroid, has a plate in her hock due to a torn tendon and a cancer diagnosis, I have always been careful with her food and supplements. For the past 2 years, she has been on a raw diet. Two weeks ago, she suffered from a seizure or stroke and had vestibular syndrome secondarily. She was very weak and disoriented after this episode. She had a severe head tilt and could barely stand. The nausea of the sydrome resulted in her not wanting to eat. She went from a dog that inhaled her raw food, kibble, dog treats, and human for to a dog that turned her nose up at everything. As luck would have it, I had some samples of Honest Kitchen. I mixed it up, thinking there was no way she would eat that when she had turned away from human food and her raw diet. Amazingly, she ate it. Not only did she eat it, but she gobbled it up. She has thrived on Honest Kitchen, and has gained a pound over the past two weeks. She continues to improve in her recovery from the vestibular syndrome, happily eating her Honest Kitchen twice a day. Thank you, Honest Kitchen, for creating a food that my girl will eat!
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