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Puggle — Age 10
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Gauge ponders life after a great meal of Revel
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Gauge has purple pride!
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Gauge LOVES to fish!!
Gauge Pugglesworth ate Honest Kitchen - from MN to the plains of the Dakotas, the mesas of Wyoming, and the mountains of Montana and Idaho!

Our "baby" Gauge is 10 months old. I feed him homemade as he cannot handle "commercial" dog food. However, when we were ready to embark on our 3 week road trip adventure, I knew I needed an alternative. I chose Honest Kitchen and Gauge LOVED it!! He thrived on it and really seemed to enjoy it!!

He is so inspiring that he even has his OWN FB page - Gauge Pugglesworth!!

Gauge climbed mountains, faced down buffalo (lol), crossed streams, hunted grouse - and through it all, Honest Kitchen was there!


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