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Collie — Age 7
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My seven year old rescue collie, Gracie, has always been very low energy and a very slow eater. Last year she was diagnosed with chronic Ehrlichiosis, from a tick bite she probably got before she even got to collie rescue. She nearly died from low platelets. After months on doxycycline and prednisone, she has been cleared medically, but her low key behavior took a turn towards downright morose. It's been like living with Eeyore. Even mealtime held very little interest for her. She would lay down by her bowl (with a sigh) and pick at her food. She even let the cats steal her food. I have been feeding her a very high quality kibble. While I was researching foods for my cat, I came across the Honest Kitchen. I started Gracie on Keen, and she is a different dog. She's only been eating it for about a week, so I haven't seen any coat changes, but I have seen a change in her attitude. She does a dance for her food and eats with gusto. She even whines for me to put her bowl down. Even more exciting, she wants to play! I'm hooked. If I see this much difference in a week, I can't imagine how great she is going to feel in a month or a year. Hopefully, Keen will improve her coat, which was, quite frankly, destroyed by the prednisone. I have high hopes!

Update: Gracie has been on HK for about 4 months now. Her coat is so much softer and shinier! She still has a curly-haired butt but I don't think that will ever go away. She still laps up her HK like it is the most awesome stuff on the planet. The cats aren't stealing from her anymore! (They have their own Honest Kitchen food).
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