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Jack Russell Terrier — Age 16
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"Gromit" 16 yr old Jack Russell Terrier.

Gromit is our 16 yr old JRT. He is a cancer survivor. Gromit has been on G/D Prescription Diet for about 7 years due to some early signs of kidney and heart issues. These conditions have not worsened over the years, and he has not been on any medication for them. I heard about The Honest Kitchen from Gromit's veterinary acupuncturist, Dr. Susan Argeres. In the past year, Gromit has been starting to show his age by decreased energy, and senility issues. We have been feeding him half and half dry G/D and Keen, twice a day now for about 2 months. We noticed after just one week increased energy and playfulness! We are so happy. Gromit just loves the food and cannot wait to be fed at each feeding. Thank you so much!

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