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Boston Terrier — Age 0
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Ivey enjoying a day on the lake.
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Waiting for Santa!
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A Sweet Surprise
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Did someone say "Boat ride?"
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Keeping warm by the fire
We adopted Ivey five years ago....we were told he was 4 1/2 years old, but soon realized we had a puppy on our hands, and a puppy with very, very picky taste! He loves ice cream and spaghetti, but was not a fan of dog food. Over the last five years, we have tried all sorts of brands--always the health, organic, natural stuff, but nothing seemed to work. He would enjoy the food for a week (or I should say he would eat the food, but enjoy it? Not really,) and then after a week, turn his nose up. We had turned to playing games, hiding his food bowl in strange places--on the couch, under the coffee table, between chair legs, in the bathroom, on the deck, etc. But still, after a week or two, he would not eat anything. This past December, while walking through our local pet store, I saw a free sample of The Honest Kitchen. I read the ingredients and it sounded good to me. I took the sample and actually bought a 5lb. box--silently crossing my fingers. Well, guess what? Ivey LOVES to eat dog food now! Not only does he actually come into the kitchen while it's being made, he also stands up and dances waiting for his food! It has been almost a full month, and his reaction is the same every time! Excitement and the food eaten....and he eats the whole bowl and licks up every last morsel! He normally takes a few bites, to make us happy, and then leaves his food, but now he eats the whole bowl of food and is excited every time! He has gained weight and is now at a healthy weight. He is happy, which makes us happy, too. Thank you!!! (His little brother LOVES the food, too, but he loves to eat, so his weight has never been a problem likes Ivey's was.)
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