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Shiba Inu — Age 8
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Jax is happiest running trails in the Green Mountains!
Jax is our 8 year old Shiba Inu. He has always been on the smaller side, generally weighing around 20 pounds. Jax has always been extremely energetic and affectionate, and happiest when outside all day running in the mountains in Vermont. Last year, after he blew his undercoat for the season, we noticed he was losing weight. We tried switching to a higher calorie dry food that boasted being "natural" and it had a high rating on dog food rating websites. When we started struggling to get him to eat any kibble and just a little table food, our vet ran multiple tests and came up empty handed. Jax was rapidly wasting away. He was no longer affectionate, was shaky, irritable, lethargic and began hiding from us. Soon he began refusing any and all table food. It was as if he had given up. We brought him for an abdominal ultrasound and the vet said it was as she suspected- that he had cancer, that they saw an area of thickening of the colon lining and likely a mass. They told us he had about 3 weeks to live. Heartbroken, we mentally prepared for the worst and stopped stressing over whether or not he was eating and just showered him with as much love as possible. He was down to 14 pounds, skin and bones. One evening while eating chicken around a campfire he seemed to want to eat what we were eating. We began feeding him HK's Verve with his favorite chicken mixed in and he started to gain weight and had interest in food again! He is now 21 pounds and he is completely back to himself. The picture posted is him running trails AFTER this ordeal. We can not explain the vet's diagnosis of colon cancer, but what we do know we will never feed our dogs commercial food or treats again.
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