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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 5
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Jodie the Wonderful!
Jodie had her first UTI when she turned three. An x-ray suggested stones, we proceeded with surgery, and discovered they were struvite in nature. Our vet at the time told us that a strict RX kibble was our only option to prevent recurrence, but we were determined to stay as far away from these diets as possible. I proceeded to work with a canine nutritionist for months, but Jodie developed GI problems with the combinations of proteins, fruits and veggies we tried. I eventually gave up, hoped for the best, and went back to a super-premium kibble that she could easily digest while I sporadically monitored her pH. Lo and behold, over a year later we found ourselves facing a second struvite surgery. I felt as though I had completely failed her! After the surgery, however, great diligence led me to The Honest Kitchen’s products. After many queries with customer service, I learned that each and every batch is tested for a variety of factors—including consistent pH levels comparable to the balance of RX diets. The idea of extra hydration that I could control appealed, as did of course the raw fruits, veggies, and high quality proteins balanced into each formula. Jodie does best with the grain-free foods, so we alternate between Force and Embark now. I also offer her slightly warmed Ice-Pups as a snack in her bowl, which she laps up every single day. Her pH remains in a slightly acidic range and her last 6-month check-up showed no sign of infection, sand, crystal or stone! We are thrilled with her progress and the fact that she tolerates The Honest Kitchen’s wholesome, real food in ways she couldn’t when I was homecooking. THK is a godsend and we cannot thank you enough.
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