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Shiba Inu — Age 6
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Yum, yum I love Honest Kitchen dog food and Saving Shibas rescue for saving me!
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Just a few weeks after his adoption and charming everyone he meets!
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Is it dinner time yet?
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He loves car rides and looks forward to our walks!
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Nothing like a nice nap after a long walk!

Katsu was a stray and rescued by Saving Shibas in Los Alamitos California. When I adopted him, I was given a box of Honest Kitchen Zeal and some Hills Prescription Diet for senior dogs. He loves the combo and I kept him on this ever since. His hair, skin and joints are problem free and I'm frequently asked if he's a younger dog than he is! Upon adoption, he was missing hair on his ear tips and had dry skin. I believe Honest Kitchen helped restore his healthy skin and happy to report his hair has grown back (a nice surprise since I was told it possibly may not.) He loves the fish, beef, chicken and turkey no grain recipes. Thank you for your dedication and care in providing a healthy alternative pet food! I plan to mention Honest Kitchen in my blog comic, soon.

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