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Chihuahua — Age 8
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Kismet is a rescue dog who had distemper when we adopted her. She survived her distemper thanks to many caring friends. One of the side effects of distemper is poor teeth development, so she has lost and/ or never grew most of her upper teeth. She is a pug in temperament, which means she will eat almost anything put in front of her. The biggest issue with typical dog food is that she gulps her food, then vomits about 6hours later. Usually the vomiting happened in the middle of the night and in my bed! NOT good! She has been eating from the Honest Kitchen now for a month (chicken force), and the change is remarkable. Not only does she Not vomit any longer, her coat is soft and shiny, her breath no longer stinks. With the dry dog food she had been eating, she belched frequently and her breath had a "chemical " smell to it. She also seems to be more satisfied after eating.

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