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Other (dog) — Age 2
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Little Butterfly!!!
When we bought Kiwi we thought we were getting a wonderful pet after loosing another to health problems but when we brought her home the other dog in the house wouldn't have anything to do with her and kept trying to tell us something was wrong with her. Pebbles was correct. Over night Kiwi's health deteriorated fast. She had reactions to the shots from the vets office first then her other health started failing. She was diagnosed with Parvo and another parasite. She ended up being from a puppy mill. So instead of giving her regular food after getting her better after 3 weeks we immediately started her on Honest Kitchen. She eats 3 meals a day and each one is different. Starts off with Embark, then Force for lunch and Love for dinner. She absolutely loves this food. It has kept her healthy ever since and she is not a fat pug and stays within her weight limits.
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