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Rottweiler — Age 7
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Knox has always had digestive issues, then when he was about 4 years old he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. We tried all kinds of food to help him, but he just couldn't seem to digest anything for a long period of time.

Then, on Christmas Eve last year he suffered from gastric torsion, where the stomach flips and causes severe bloat and death if not treated immediately. Luckily we were able to get him into surgery as quickly as possible and the amazing surgical team gave us our Christmas miracle, we got to bring Knox home the next morning and begin what would be a long journey that would lead us to Honest Kitchen.

After the surgery Knox's digestive problems worsened, we were constantly taking him to the vet to get fluids or have stool samples taken as he could not seem to digest anything. Our dog who had normally hovered around 110 lbs was down to 82 lbs. We would walk him in the neighborhood and people didn't realize he was a rottie because he was so skinny. My husband and I really thought he wasn't going to be around much longer, his normal cheery self was now lethargic and grumpy, we knew he didn't feel well and felt we were losing him quickly and much too early.

Most vets just gave us the whole "He IS over 7 years old and a large breed, so...." but the dedicated staff at our local pet shop Salty's wouldn't give up on him. We were given multiple samples of Honest Kitchen and have spent the last few months experimenting with various mixtures of Honest Kitchen and canned food to get Knox back up to 105 lbs. We really feel like Honest Kitchen saved our dog, he's back up to a healthy weight, and he's healthier and more active than he was before his surgery and before his pancreatitis diagnosis. My husband and I still comment in disbelief that not only is he still here, but he's healthier and happier than ever!
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