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Bernese Mountain Dog — Age 3
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This is Lilly's story.
She was born in Japan and was scooped up by a military couple stationed there. They brought her back to the US, San Diego to be exact. They had her for 2 years but sadly had to put her up for adoption. They trained her very well but you could tell she wasn't well taken care of. I met her on 12 March 2017 and fell in love. I've always wanted a BMD and bonus a rescue who needed a good home. She was living in a bad part of town, her owners were young and couldn't take care of her. I met her and her fur was matted, her eyes red, inflamed and could barely see. They didn't give me any food, treats, toys, a dog bed, nothing but a brown paper bag with her pedigree and vet papers. She also wasn't spayed, and at 2, BMD have a higher risk of cancer. I had just moved back to San Diego from Denver, because I wanted this dog, I knew she was mine and a week after I met her, she was home with me. She slept with me that first night. She didn't cry or whimper, run away or show signs of anxiety but her eyes were in bad shape. She couldn't see a foot in front of her, she was running into curbs, corners, everything. I called the first vet that was open the next day, Saturday and I made an appointment. They said she had zero tear production, chronic dry eye. They gave me medicated eyedrops and antibiotics. They helped a little, she could see a little better. I took her to a professional groomer and got her cleaned up and sparkling. She was so happy, it made me cry.

Now fast forward 2 weeks, she was scheduled for her spay. There were complications and her stitches broke open and she was bleeding internally, and a lot. I rushed her to the emergency room where they stabilized her overnight but by morning she had crashed. She needed emergency surgery and blood transfusions. I drained my savings to pay for the surgery. The vet and surgeon, called constantly to update me on her status while she recovered. She needed more blood though, she was very sick. She was in the ER for a total of 5 days. Her recovery was slow and her eyes were always an issue during this time too. The vets said I needed to help her gain the strength and weight to get back to healthy. I tried all the best kibble, Blue Buffalo, Merrick, everything. We even went to a specialist for her eyes. She was given 5 types of drops to use daily. I was worried, this was her life now. The vet said she had an auto-immune disorder, allergies, and chronic dry eye. She was going to need help.

I started doing more research into raw, organic and alternative diets for dogs. I came across Honest Kitchen through a friend. I did more research, what else could help my dog feel better. She recently had an injury and was on vet ordered bed rest. I knew I needed to help her more than ever. On a whim, I got a trial box of Love HK and other raw meats. I made her a dish and left it. Before this she didn't want to eat for 2 days and suddenly, she had interest in her food. She ate the entire dish in one sitting and I knew. 3 days later, my baby Lilly is playing, her energy is up and most importantly I can finally see her big brown beautiful sparkly eyes. Even my friends have noticed a change in her, in less than a week.

Thank you isn't enough, you've truly changed our lives for the better. My once, picky, sick pup is a spry, happy girl.
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