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Lily Fa Pooch and Lexi

Labrador Retriever — Age 9
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Lily Fa Pooch and Lexi
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Lexi and Lily
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Lexi asking for a treat.
Both of my girls are rescues/abandoned by previous owners. I brought my precious Lily Fa Pooch (the chocolate Lab) home in January of 2012 and brought Lexi (the Beagle/Chow mix) home in December of 2015. Lily has had digestive issues because she's anxious. I'm pretty sure this is because she was abandoned but it just could be that she's purebred. Lexi, who is blind and was blind when I adopted her, is not anxious at all but suffers from food allergies/allergies which affect her ears, paws and digestion. Both are about 9 1/2 years old. I've experimented with many high-grade dog kibbles combined with canned and while their digestion has improved I knew it could be better. Both of my girls are NOT picky eaters, they love their meals (and beg for mine, too)....what is amazing is that they are totally in LOVE with The Honest Kitchen. Lily's digestive issues are already calming down, Lexi's ears and paws look so much better and both of their coats are becoming even shinier than they were before. Thank you, Honest Kitchen, for giving us this option of feeding such high-quality food. I would feed home-cooked but during my busy school years as a music specialist in an elementary school I just don't have the time. Lily, Lexi and I all agree that The Honest Kitchen is what dogs want :-)
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