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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — Age 11
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Luca after losing 12 lbs. and looking more like a puppy than a senior!
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His 11th birthday dinner w/ Leia. HK Hale, green beans, yams & venison burger!
I adopted this sweet Senior boy, Luca after fostering him for Rescue since 3/15. When I first took him in he was suffering from untreated diabetes, chronic ear infections, a UTI, an enlarged heart with a grade 3-4 murmur, morbid obesity and greasy, smelly, itchy skin. With a combination of good vet care, proper medication, lots of LOVE and a carefully considered, healthy diet, Luca is like a new dog! He has spring in his step, no more yeasty ears, and has reduced his weight from 39 to 26 lbs! Just a few more lbs. and he'll be at his ideal. His diabetes is now well managed thanks to insulin shots and nutritious meals that includes HK Hale supplemented with LOTS of lean animal protein, steamed green veggies for fullness, and healthy treats after his insulin injections. His skin and coat have vastly improved, no more UTIs and his weight loss has lessened the burden on both his joints and heart, increasing his energy. Both Luca and his CKCS housemate, Leia, adore their HK meals, eagerly crowding into the Kitchen to watch me prepare their bowls. Thanks to Honest Kitchen for helping me save and prolong the lives of my sweet, lovable Cavaliers!
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