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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 10
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Different dog since starting on The Honest Kitchen grain free dog food.
Lulu has been a very picky eater from the day we brought her home as a tiny puppy. She was underweight and the vet told us "you have to get her to eat even if you have to cook for her". We always bought what we felt was top quality pet foods, we tried all the best brands from our holistic pet shop and along with that I would add cooked, chicken or soups that would entice her to eat.
Lulu would hide when someone came to visit, did not smile very much and was moody. Her liver enzymes started to elevate at about age 3 and we put her on supplements to support her liver but they continued to elevate each year.
We began feeding her The Honest Kitchen grain free food about 10 months ago. She likes Preference or Kindly base food best and I add cooked turkey or chicken for her protein. We noticed almost immediately her personality changing. She seemed less fearful and actually started coming up to visitors to our home in a much shorter amount of time. In just a very short period of time, maybe 4 months we took her for her blood work and the vet was shocked to see how much her liver enzymes had improve! He really expected them to be higher as they would kept increasing every 6 months. At age 10 she has the energy of a puppy, she jumps and runs like a much younger dog and smiles all the time! We are certain that it has to do with the food we buy from The Honest Kitchen.
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