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Luna Pi

Mixed Breed (dog) — Age
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Luna Pi started showing signs of food issues within days of bringing her home at 8 weeks old. she would not digest her kibble and would throw up on wet food. After trying a few different brands of food and nothing helping, we put her on a chicken and green bean diet to clean out her system so we could try something new. During the chicken diet, we quickly discovered she was allergic to chicken. We placed a rushed order on Amazon for the limited ingredient Fish and coconut flavor from The Honest kitchen. It took our sweet Luna Pi a moment to figure out how to eat this new food, as we watered it down more then she was use to in hopes of helping her digest it better. Once she figured it out, she polished off her whole bowl! Luna Pi is only 2.4lbs and we are super over protective of her. We love seeing her do so well on this food. We just placed an order for the Duck and are hoping she loves that too. Luna also enjoys her Beams! They stink like heck, but seeing her bounce around and get so excited for a treat is totally worth the smell. Plus its healthy and good for her teeth so we feel great giving it to her.
We are so happy to have found a healthy brand of food that our little girl loves and that she can digest.
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