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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 4
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Max loves "his" chair. :)
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Hes so cute. :)
We found Max on the side of the road... It was a busy road, so we picked him up just so he wouldnt get hit by a car. After spending a few minutes with him, it became clear that he was very lovable and had loads of personality. We brought him home that day but the next day my boyfriend when back to that area looking for posters of missing dogs and going door to door. It was majorly a commercial area but there was a little road off to the side with a few houses. At one of the houses, he saw another dog that looked very similar, but the owner assured him that he wasnt missing a dog. A couple of days later we brought him to the vet to get checked for a microchip. Since no one had claimed him or responded to our flyer, we decided to keep him, so the vet also did a comprehensive physical. As it turned out, he had heartworms. The vet said hed had them for atleast a year, but that there was a treatment. We did the trearment as well as got all his shots and etc. In addition to the heartworms, he was also diagnosed with an ear infection from yeast and an allergic skin rash. It was easy to just gets meds and fix these problems too but i was much more interested in what causes them and how to prevent them. I read up on this and decided to go grain free. Since then, hes pretty much has become a new dog. His ears are all better, no worms and no rash. Hes also a pretty picky eater... He just doesnt like regular kibble. Hes been through a lot of stuff for a little dog, so i just want him to have the best.
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