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Molly Moo

Australian Cattle Dog — Age 1
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Before the surgery.
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Before surgery. You can see the tips of her ears are folded over. Not natural
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After surgery. Not completely round, not straight.
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A very short tail.

Thank you for actually caring for our babies. Hi this is Molly Moo. She has had a rough first year. She is a rescue. They found her in a area where dogs are dump, and used for target practice. Before she came home with us she was spayed at the rescue. Well she decided to open her incision and did some damage to her intestines. She had diarrhea so bad she'd eat and run right outside. They had her on medicine for her intestines and the diarrhea. I placed an order with The Honest Kitchen before she came home. I had placed an order for one of the chicken meals. We had a box of chicken meal here at home and that was what I feed her when she came home. It only took me a day to figure out that this poor girl was deathly allergic to chicken. So I placed another order for a box of beef dog food. I have had her on Verve and Love. She does great on both. She had gas with the beef dog foods, so we tried the fish, Zeal. She does great on Zeal. We took care of her insides now its time for her ears and tail. Her ears were weird looking and she wouldn't let anyone touch them. When we got home with her I inspected her ears and I noticed that they had fused together. I noticed that there was another rubber band wrapped around her tail. Half of her tail was dead. We took her to our vet at Hunter Animal Hospital in West Valley Utah and they did a wonderful job on her ears and tail. They could have shaped her ears better but we didn't care how they looked. I love her ears. She looks like a teddy bear. In her first six months she had 4 surgeries. She is so active, it helps feeding her and my other 3 The Honest Kitchen's foods. We have tried more than half of your dog foods.

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