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Nana Banana

Mixed Breed (dog) — Age
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Story picture
Nana on the first day I met her.
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Another picture of skinny Nana on her freedom day.
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Nana with shinier, healthier fur!
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She's the best cuddler :)
Nana and I met at Alachua County Animal Services last year. I was looking for a new foster dog and went to the shelter on behalf of the dog rescue I volunteered for at the time, Plenty of Pit Bulls. I saw a few other dogs that day, but when I met Nana I knew she was the one to take home. She had ended up at the shelter for the third time now, this time found roaming the streets, skinny, missing fur, a limp broken tail, and calloused patches of skin on her thighs and tail. She was shy and a little aloof at first, but slowly warmed up to me. I sat down on the ground and she hesitantly walked up to me and sat between my legs, staring at me with her huge (anime size!) brown eyes. After begging the board members of a pit bull rescue to take home a lab mix, she came home with me that day. I fostered her for three months before I "foster failed" and adopted her myself.

She's always had skin problems and we've spent a lot of time and money at the vet's office trying to figure out why. She's been on rounds and rounds of steroids, tried brand-new-to-the-market medication, allergy serums, and blood testing, but only after switching her to Honest Kitchen do I feel like I finally see improvement without her having to be on medication constantly. I think a whole-body approach is best for both human and dog health, and feeding high-quality food has benefits across the board for canine health. Although she's still a little itchy, she's leaps and bounds better than when I first met her. Thanks HK!
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