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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 2
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Story picture
Olivia with demodex mange.
Story picture
Olivia with demodex mange
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Oliva today with a shiny coat!
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Oliva happy and healthy!

It’s been just over two months since we’ve had Olivia in our lives. What a fun, HAPPY and sweet girl she is. It’s great to see her run around and enjoy life now. She literally went from living next to a dumpster near a busy Houston highway, not having much hair and missing layers of skin in several areas, to a blonde bombshell…what an amazing transformation we have witnessed.

Pictures speak a thousand words - included is her “Gotcha” day before pic, as well as an after photo.

As I lay here typing with my four-legged babies sleeping next to me, Olivia is having a puppy dream. I wonder if she’s dreaming of her gloomy homeless days or her current happy life. Dogs are so resilient, forgiving and loving - so I’m going to believe (hope) it’s a joyful one.

It’s remarkable how dogs can forgive. I’ve heard too many stories of abuse and am continually amazed at how some ever trust humans again…yet they do more often than not. They don’t hold a grudge, they don’t judge and will always be there for us with a wagging tail and a smile – no questions asked. People can learn a multitude of things from animals; unwavering compassion, true companionship and other positive traits. I hope that everyone listens and pays attention to our furry educators, as they are excellent teachers.

The fact that Olivia was able to recover so well was due to an excellent diet (and of course proper vetting - although it didn’t take much, and loads of love helped). I love to talk about proper nutrition and always will since I wholeheartedly believe it can make a remarkable difference in overall health. You can feed your dog an average run of the mill food and it may do fine and will hopefully live a long life. However, if you feed an excellent food, like The Honest Kitchen (who helped sponsor Olivia’s road to recovery – Thank you THK, what a difference your food has made!), you will most likely see an amazing difference not only in their new shiny soft coat and healthy skin, but in the alertness in their eyes, their ease to digest, less stinky #2’s (Yeah!), increased energy levels, etc. Sure, we can survive on decent food, but when we consume excellent nutrition we feel better, look better and can live overall healthier lives also. It’s no different with our four- legged friends!

Plus, skin allergies, excessive scratching, paw licking, ear rubbing and other irritations can be the direct result of a food allergy. Limited ingredient, whole food, and less processed, diets are usually helpful. I suggest researching and educating yourself and discuss options with a trusted veterinarian to determine what’s right for your pet. Our furkids depend on us to better their lives. I know they would do the same for us if they could.

** Update **

August 2015…We are celebrating Olivia’s 5th Birthday this month! She is more amazing than ever, the spunkiest motivating jogging partner and is still the sweetest girl I’ve ever met on four legs. Liv also makes an excellent baby sitter when we bring new rescue foster puppies/dogs home. She is so patient and seems to really enjoy showing the newbies the ropes. She also does what we call her “ Honest Kitchen spin” where she twirls in a circle when she knows her hydrating wait time is almost up. Olivia has enriched our lives in the last 4+ years more than I could have ever imagined. Her favorite pastime - giving KISSES (before and after eating The Honest Kitchen)!

This post was written by Kate Smargiasso in July 2011, following a two-month journey of recovery after rescuing Olivia from the streets of Houston. The Honest Kitchen sponsored part of her recovery by sending Grain Free Fish Dog Food and supplements...

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