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Mixed Breed (cat) — Age 5
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Cats shouldn't have to wear clothes--Penny must.Honest Kitchen food is a help!
Penny, and my other 2 rescue cats all love Honest Kitchen cat food and treats! Penny, who has to wear clothes to prevent her from licking her tummy and has severe skin allergies, LOVES Wishes and Smittens. I also use the dehydrated food at the Humane Society, where I volunteer. The cats there all love the dehydrated food, Grace, and Prowl. A little warm water and 5 min. to reconstitute is all it takes. Then I don't have to think about recycling a can! Anyway, vet says to just feed Penny rabbit and whitefish, because she is not allergic to those foods. So I break Wishes into tiny pieces (an 1/8") and store them in a glass jar. Penny also like Smittens, which are essentially the same thing, but sometimes she prefers the texture of the raw fish (Wishes). She and my other rescue cats actually beg for these treats. I also use the tiny pieces mixed in with wet food for a bit of variety. When I started reading about the horrible ingredients in most cat food, not just with grain, but other horrible things I can't even mention, I knew I had to change to "human grade" food. A company I can trust. Thank goodness one of the other shelter volunteers suggested Honest Kitchen. My cats never tire of this REAL one ingredient food. Penny's fur was dull when she came from the shelter, but now it's shiny and healthy looking.
Good work, Honest Kitchen!
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