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Other (dog) — Age 8
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Trail dog extraordinaire!
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Better days.
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Starting to slow...
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Thick girl - Blue Buffalo grain free.
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7 lbs down! Feisty enough to demolish Lampchop after a good day of swimming!
Pogo is my co-pilot but it seems our time on the trails was coming to an end due to her hip dysplasia. I eat a whole-foods diet so decided to put her on one also - she's lost (and is losing) weight and rehabbing her way back to fitness. Super excited at the progress! She's not a fan of the chicken recipe - we just stick to the Preference grain-free base; just brown a batch of ground turkey, prep for a few days at a time - add in sardines/salmon a few times/week for the oils. Prep in batches for the week. Super easy!

My dog is only 8. The added weight and inflammation from an over processed diet is exactly what we are experiencing in humans as well. If it's so widely recognized as a problem in humans, it only makes sense that it affects dogs as well. I have this girl for such a short amount of time left and I'm going to do everything I can to ensure her years are the highest quality I can make them.
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