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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 3
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Poppy enjoying the San Diego sun
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A healthy pup is a happy pup!
Like everyone else, my pup is my baby. My chihuahua-mix Poppy, has always been fed well. We started on kibble and wet food but quickly supplemented with home-made, but even with home-made, I was supplementing with kibble. After a move and a change in schedules, I could not sustain cooking for Poppy, so I remembered a sample I got a few months before at a dog festival in downtown San Diego, I decided to give it a try. I ordered some Honest Kitchen. One month later while at the vet getting shots, the doctor pointedly asked if we had changed foods. I said yes and asked what tipped him off. He said that there was substantial re-growth of her allergy induced hair-loss. I said: "WHAT?!" After 3 years of being family, I had no idea Poppy HAD allergy induced hair loss. I (and her previous vets) had just assumed she had a completely hairless belly. It took a new doctor and new food to reveal that for 3 years, Poppy's food had been causing hair loss on her bottom half. Within a month, her fur was looking great and her allergies were gone! She was scratching less, licking her paws less, and generally happier. It took Honest Kitchen to reveal a problem I didn't even know was there!

In addition to all of the benefits of HK, there is one even bigger benefit: Poppy LOVES all of the HK foods we've tried.

How can I pass up a food that is obviously great for my little girl AND one she loves?
I can't.
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