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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — Age
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My foster puppy came to me malnourished and lethargic with bald spots and crusty dry ears. She was unlike any puppy we had taken in. She slept throughout most of the day, not interested in toys or running outdoors. Instead, she was drinking lots of water and had very low energy for a puppy. At first we suspected trauma at the shelter where we picked her up, but we soon realized she wasn't fed proper food (puppy chow) and had tested positive for giardia. Frantic to nurse her bucket health, we looked into better nutrition for her and the effects it would have on her overall well being and health. We came across the Honest Kitchen and we immediately made the switch. The results we observed in a week were unbelievable. Her fur grew back and the bald spots were gone, her fur was noticeably softer and less flaky. Her ears cleared up along with some daily cleaning, and her energy was revitalized! Now she is thriving in her puppyhood and we cannot thank THK enough for her transformation!
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