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Siberian Husky — Age 1
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This is Quinn - she absolutely LOVES treats from THK! We can't wait to try more!
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Quinn at 15 weeks
Quinn is a typical husky - she eats when she wants to. The problem with this is that she's only 15 months old, and is super lanky. I've tried lots of ways to convince her to eat - nothing worked. Then, we got a sample of THK from an event we went to...I made it...mixed it with her normal food...and she gobbled it right up! I decided to do some more research, and I like the fact that the Honest Kitchen uses minimal ingredients. Raw feeding just isn't an option for us for many reasons, so the fact that there is still a good dog food out there that uses as few products as possible makes me a very happy dog mom. What Quinn eats is super important to me - I want her to live a long, and healthy life, and to grow up to be a well balanced dog. I'm convinced that The Honest Kitchen is going to be a part of our lives forever!
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