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Australian Shepherd — Age 4
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Remy's Story
I adopted our dog Remy four years ago, as a four month old puppy. When we received her she was on Iams food that was full of ingredients that were unnecessary for dogs to have, such as wheat and soy. The previous owners on Remy said that she could not be potty trained and that they had tried for some time. I could tell this was one of the reasons they were adopting her out. Upon picking up Remy we headed right to the pet store to pick out a higher quality food for her. Not because of food allergies, we were simply uncomfortable feeding her something of low quality and nutrients. We sought out on a long process on picking and eliminating foods. Primarily because we quickly found out she was allergic to wheat which was why she was so hard to potty train, but also because she is a very picky eater. She will turn her nose up at most kibble, which is how we found The Honest Kitchen. We started to research raw foods and the benefits for allergy ridden dogs. Shortly after switching to The Honest Kitchen, Remy's belly problems disappeared and she suddenly able to go hours and hours with out having to go out. Remy also loved the texture and flavor of the food! Remy has since been on The Honest Kitchen and switches between the whole grain formulas, including Keen. Thank you Honest Kitchen for making a healthy and yummy food for dogs with allergies!
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