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American Shorthair — Age 8
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Rory loves being served gourmet THK
By 6 months of age, Rory was diagnosed with EGC (Eosinophilic Granular Complex) which coupled nasal congestion and thick scabby skin lesions on her hind legs. It has been a challenge to keep it at bay. For 8 years she has been on prescription hypoallergenic diets and intermittent Prednisone. Even with these measures, she has had skin flare ups on her legs, her chin, and her lips. Our vet practice encourages less processed, whole food diets so I decided to try THK Prowl. First, she loves it so much she eats it all in one sitting. Second, her coat looks healthier. Third, while she remains on Prednisone for the time being as we just switched her to THK, she has not had any flare up events. I feel much better having her on real food than the processed prescription diet, especially as she is getting older. Thank you THK.
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