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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 3
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Swimming and squeaky balls!
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The day we brought him home, coughing and weak
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His favorite pass time, in the pool playing ball with his sister
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Or lounging in the pool!
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Or making music with his squeaker!
Rusty ( the black lab/rotti mix) is a rescue from 2014, he came to us fairly sick with kennel cough, under weight, scared and shy. Last summer, all the sudden, I found him urinating all over the house and lethargic, after a couple weeks and several visits to the vet, he was diagnosed with kidney failure at 2 years old, I was devastated. I instantly started researching and figuring out what we could do to maintain his low kidney function and hopefully improve it , as we were not able to pinpoint why he has azotemia. I started feeding him and his best friend (rescue sister from another mother, Mandy, Australian Shepherd ), they both instantly LOVED this new food. I chose Preference to feed them as it is low in phosphorus and I am able to add the best protein, salmon oil and extra fluids for him. Honest kitchen food is super easy to prepare and it has made a colossal difference in how my dogs feel. They are full of energy, have beautiful coats, never nauseous or have diarrhea, perfect maintenance for weight and great hydration for my Rusty. They literally dance when we are getting their bowls out in the morning and night and Rusty has not needed to go back to the vet for any decompensating symptoms of azotemia. Mandy (the Aussie) was an increadable picky eater, but has never, not once turned down her honest kitchen food. I recommend honest kitchen food for everyones animals, better hydration, natural human grade foods, easy to prepare, great for weight maintenance, for picky eaters, food allergies, and all kinds of medical conditions.
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