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French Bulldog — Age 3
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I'm Sam and I love Honest Kitchen!
Sam has been with me since he was 7 weeks old. He has always been on a really high quality pet food but I still fought allergies. Sam was constantly licking his feet to the point of infection and his skin was lumpy and his coat was coarse and he would break out in hives and get infected ears. I was spending $70 a month on prescription and OTC allergy meds but these never cured the allergies but just kept them manageable; he never seemed to get total relief. I heard about Honest Kitchen from a friend and ordered a 3lb box. I was hopeful but not really expecting much of a change. To my surprise, after 7-10 days (I didn't really keep track because I wasn't expecting results) feeding Sam nothing but Honest Kitchen Preference and half cooked protein, I suddenly noticed Sam wasn't licking his feet, his eyes were brighter, he had puppy energy, his face cleared up and his coat is now velvety again! I was amazed how quick Sam responded to this new diet. I am gravitating to a raw protein with the Honest Kitchen and Sam loves it! He is now off ALL allergy meds and I am a happy Bully Momma! Thank you Honest Kitchen!!
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