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Other (dog) — Age 11
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I have owned my dog for 11 years and he is one of the pickiest eaters. I was only about 8 when I got him and my mother chose his food which was a terribly cheap brand from Dollar General and for so long I was awfully uneducated about pet food, so my dog suffered from it. I have been on a journey to find an amazing food for my dog that was not kibble and I accidentally stumbled upon this food while on YouTube and was sure that my finicky eater would even try it, but I ordered a sampler and to my surprise he loved Embark! After just a few days of eating Honest Kitchen his dull coat is looking better, his body odor was not as bad, and he's so full of energy like a puppy. My little finicky eater eats it right up and even asks for more!
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