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Shetland Sheepdog — Age 4
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Im ready for my close up!
Snickers had been having digestive issues. Constant diarrhea and some vomiting. The vet told me he has IBS and gave him meds. After about a month of nothing changing we had to go back. After over $1000.00 in blood work and bills there was still no answer in sight. My poor boy wasnt doing well at all. After I saw blood in hi stool I had to find the answer! I have been feeding him so-called "high quality" food so I never thought that was the culprit. As a last resort to save my little buddy I switched to HK. I am happy to say my boy is doing well today.... all his symptoms are gone and he is more playful than ever. This is more than just food for us. This is life changer!!
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