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Boston Terrier — Age 5
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Sophie, a Lab in a Boston's body! Loves the snow...and water too!
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We rescued Sophie April 2010 from a vet school which my friend was attending. We knew she had several social issues including dog aggression, but no idea of her allergies. It has been a trial and error process with foods, supplements, and environmental changes to find what works best for her. We just recently started her on honest kitchen and the results seem to be happening quickly for the positive! She seems less itchy, spends less time rubbing her ears and eyes on the floor, and more motivation to eat her meals. Can't wait to try all the formulas, and perhaps add a supplement soon!

THK products Sophie loves
  1. Dehydrated - Grain Free Chicken Recipe (Force)

    Dog Food

    $23.88 - $89.99

    ★★★★★ (527)
  2. Dehydrated - Grain Free Beef Recipe (Love)

    Dog Food

    $23.88 - $101.99

    ★★★★★ (359)
  3. Dehydrated - Grain Free Fruit & Veggie Base Mix (Preference)

    Dog Food

    $23.88 - $59.99

    ★★★★★ (358)
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