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Boxer — Age 7
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No more ear infections!
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Sophie and Eva.
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Eva and one of her many cat friends.
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Sophie used to get yeast infections in her ears after going swimming in our pond. This summer I noticed that even though I've taken her swimming nearly every day, her ears are clear, clean and healthy! I don't think it's a coincidence that we recently went back to a "raw" diet by switching from kibble to Embark. Both of my dogs (Sophie has a sister named Eva) have healthier skin, nails, ears, etc. Their bowels are no longer upset by diarrhea. They can actually eat less food and still maintain a healthy weight, which is less taxing on their overall health and well-being (their bodies are no longer struggling to process all that unnecessary filler in the commercial kibbles).

I also have peace of mind knowing that outside of feeding a truly raw diet, which I've done in the past, I am giving them the absolute best nutrition in a way that is both safe and convenient. We also used Perfect Form while switching them from their kibble diet to Embark and I would highly recommend this supplement for anyone whose dog has a sensitive stomach.

I hope more people will get in The Honest Kitchen bandwagon!

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